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Bedroom Interior


Customized Smart Home Solutions  


Lighting Control System

· Smart dimming

· Curtain control

· Natural light control

Multimodal Interaction Approaches

Meet a variety of interaction hardware needs.


Touch Control

Fast response with a tap of a finger.

Screenshot 2022-11-04 112419.png

Voice Control

Just say what you want to control.


Gesture Control

Interact with a simple gesture.

Screenshot 2022-11-04 143650.png

Facial Expression Control

Let your expression send commands.

Image by Yogesh Phuyal

Pair Cutting-Edge Design with Precise IoT Hardware

We assist you from concept through product completion.

All-in-One Edge Gateway

Integrate popular protocols including Zigbee 3.0, BLE and BLE mesh, Sub-1 GHz, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, 5G, 4G LTE, and beyond.

Diverse Interfaces Link to Unlimited Possibilities

All-in-one interface solutions meet different applications.

Addresses all needs for a
smart life

Smart Alarm System

Comprehensive Security

Build an all-around security and safety system by harnessing fully-functional security cameras and diversified sensors. 24/7 monitoring and live alerts provide users with peace of mind.

Image by Jan Antonin Kolar

Device Automation

Achieve appliance automation, the core of home automation, to let users discover the magic of a smart home and fully enjoy a smart life.

Image by Jenny Hill

Health Data Record

Our powerful and interconnected health monitoring products enable health tracking and analysis, allowing users to gain a deeper insight into their health.

Image by Jonas Leupe

Home Entertainment

Our innovative smart devices in the areas of lighting, video, and audio help users easily embrace a theater or party atmosphere at home anytime.

Image by Victor Freitas

Fitness Life

Smart fitness devices with in-app fitness service features empower you to provide more essential and popular home fitness scenes.

Image by Anders J

24/7 Energy Monitoring

Working with top energy companies, Tuya provides 24/7 energy monitoring capabilities and AI technologies to promote efficient energy use.

The Time Is Now. Get Started With a Life time Smart Home

Explore smart home models for every lifestyle.


Scene Combinations

A wide variety of smart scenes to fit different lifestyles. Switch between scenes with one tap.

Smart Linkage

Make all smart devices interconnected to explore limitless possibilities for home automation.

Various Interaction Approaches

Find ideal interaction modes that best fit product traits.

Efficient Area Design

Design a smart home layout using digital models.

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